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General Manager –Richard Adams PE
Service Manager – Troy Wooley
Office Manager – Cheri Kramer
PH (517) 372-3100
Fax (517) 485-5812
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Service Companies Are Not Created Equal

Anderson Air Conditioning

Anderson is a Service Contractor, not a Mechanical Contractor
Anderson Air Conditioning is one of the few commercial and industrial, service only contractors in the State of Michigan. Mechanical contractors are typically installation contractors, organized and structured for the bid and specifications market. Our skills, resources, time, investments and computer systems are devoted exclusively to commercial and industrial replacement and service type work.

Comparing Service Mechanics:

Anderson hires knowledgeable, experienced, journeyman mechanics. Journeyman hired to work together and support each other, while managed by professionals in service.

We hire only the best mechanics and pay them accordingly.

Hourly Rates compared to Cost of a completed job:  Cost of service = (Hourly Rate) x (Time to make a repair)

Hours to make a repair increase your costs faster than any small hourly rate difference charged by different contractors,

Customers may find that one contractor charges a little more per hour than another, but will find that highly skilled workers will perform the work in less time, make fewer mistakes, and therefore save them money.

Comparing Residential and Commercial contractors

Unlike the residential contractor, the commercial and industrial service contractors employ men with advanced training in systems not encountered in the less demanding field of residential.